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Travel Tips

Sleep in Hostels

What hostel actually means is "A guarded, cheap living quarter for travelers to sleep."

They get you familiar with different people from all over. Great way to establish new friends. If you are a traveler you are welcome. Proves that great places don't have to cost an arm . You can found sleep hostels all around the world. There are large ones, and small ones. Helps you save your money for the things you really want. Gives you social comfortability. An youthful atmosphere that can't be compared with any other.

To sum it up sleep hostels are a way to save money. Do all of the important things on your trip, like, meeting new friends and learning different cultures. With the homely experience you will receive, it would be a mistake to make any other decision. After your sleep hostel experience you should have lots of stories to tell.
If you have never sleep in a hostel be prepared for the following:
  • To keep costs down services and hours are limited.

  • It is impossible generalize about one place, all hostels are different.

  • You loose privacy but you are rewarded with meeting people from all over the world.

  • If you like meeting people I am sure you will like hostelling.

  • Many hostels are small places with limited staff. Do not knock at the manager's door at late.

  • Many foreigners will be able to meet, and be involved with Americans and perhaps the world's opinions on the Americans may change for the better.

  • Most hostels are not located in the "high rent" districts. Many are situated in minority communities which are usually safe and have their own little thing to offer.

  • Even though you may be used to more privacy than a hostel has to offer, let yourself be taken by the atmosphere and blend in.

The basic understanding of hostels or hostelling for that matter is that, it is an inexpensive method of accommodation, through which people from all walks of life and backgrounds can come together and interact at a familiar place, and learn something from one another. This is main difference between regular hotels/motels and hostels.

Before you choice a world hostel..

Information : you will find a lot of information about the city or park or sightseeing or night life etc. When you stay at any world hostel ask information to the staff member they have bunch of them beyond your guess

Expenses: If you don't mind sacrificing a little and sharing a dorm then it will make you save money and give you more things. Obviously security could be an issue but we have never heard regarding that issue as complain. Keep in mind Rates change from hostel to hostel but anyway you can save money.

Age: World hostels are for all the range of ages. You will find that many middle-aged people, senior citizens and families like staying at hostels. Therefore you could see all different age's thoughts when you have any issue.

Correspondence: At a hostel you will meet very interesting people from all over the world. Common areas often lead to friendships that may last the evening or a lifetime. You can travel with them and ask the advice of others for your daily trips.

Stress-free atmosphere: most of hostel has a generally relaxed environment, some serve food and even booze (but mostly you can bring your own). There is lots of fun to be had if you are considerate to the other people. However, some hostels are every strict in rules, to the point of alcohol to curfew. Usually there are no longer a curfew specially hostels in metropolitan. It is better if you know what is the type you are getting into is.

Hostels Travel Tips: before you go ..

Be sure the best way to travel to Europe and have fun pass acroos planification. Here can calculate your trip in a first sight.

Transports tips

There┬┤s many arrangements before you go that will make easy and safe your travel.You can get the ISIC card(International student identification card) and get discount's from cheap airfares, railpasses, museums around the world, long distance phone rates(you can use this and recharge it with your credit card ), hostels, etc.

Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance, before you leave, to cover baggage, flight cancellation and emergency medical care.

You can make a photo copies of all your important documents( passports,visas), scan all and send to your email account, if you lose any document you can get this copies in the nearest internet cafe and print all.Then you can head to your country embassy and they will expedite new passports and documents to you more easily.

They offer Eurail Selectpasses, BritRail, France, Swiss, Single Country, Multiple Countries, Eurostar, Point-to-Point, and France n´Spain passes. Special discounts on "Youth Passes" for people under 26 yrs old (if you haven´t had your 26th birthday yet). Their interactive maps are extremely helpful when routing out your trip. All online orders will be processed within 24 hrs and can be delivered within 2 business days!

Tracking your order: There is a link on the Rail Europe site that says "Track Your Shipment." Once you have placed your order online, you will be sent a Reference Number on your confirmation email. This number can be typed into their site and you will be able to track exactly when your pass was processed, where your pass is, and when you should receive it.

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